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MiG-15 UTI a new addition to Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron
MiG-15 UTI a new addition to the European jet warbird scene is operated by Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron. This Polish-built MiG-15UTI, produced by WSK-Mielec in 1952, has joined the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron as a representative of the Cold War ‘enemy’.

Following its Polish Air Force service, the aircraft was exported to the USA, and based just outside Washington.  The aircraft did only a few flights when in the US and was shipped back to Europe in 2014. The aircraft has been very carefully inspected under supervision of experienced polish ex. military MiG-15 engineers.

Given the shared border between north-eastern Norway and Russia, and the many encounters between Royal Norwegian Air Force and Soviet aircraft during the Cold War, the Polish MiG is an appropriate addition to the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, which will offer the aircraft for airshows. “The MiG can perform a ‘dogfight’ routine together with our Vampires [the T55 and FB6 already operated by the Historical Squadron], or other classic aircraft to show fighters from NATO and the Warsaw Pact from the same period.”

The aircraft wears the markings RED 18 of the aircraft flown by famed Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin before he became the first man to visit outer space in 1961. 

The MiG-15 is well known for its role in the Korean War – a conflict which also involved Royal Navy operated Hawker Sea Furies.  Piloted by Lieutenant Peter ‘Hoagy’ Carmichael, one such Sea Fury FB11 made history when it downed a MiG-15; one of the very few times when a piston-engined aircraft has gained superiority over a jet.  

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