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Last update: 2015-09-10 08:09:14
Airshow update june 2015
2015 a busy airshow season for Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron (FHS). Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron

Finnish Air Force emblem
Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron MiG-15UTI RED 18 debut at Turku Air Show Finland 6-7 June 2015. This was the very first air show appearances in Europe with our latest add to our fleet the MiG-15UTI. Read more… The aircraft was temporary decorated in Finnish Air Force (FiAF) Ilmavoimat colors and markings to represent FiAF MiG-15 coded MU 2, one of the four MiG-15UTI operated by FiAF from 1962-1977. For many spectators this was the highlight of the show and former FiAF MiG-15 pilots and engineers visited Turku Air Show to have a closer look at the MiG. In addition to flying solo display both days on Sunday the MiG flew in a historic formation never before seen together with a Fouga Magister and a FiAF BAE Hawk.
FiAF BAE Hawk, MiG-15UTI and Fouga Magister in close formation at Turku Air Show.

See more photos here!

Norwegian DH.Vampires visit Aerofetival in Poznan Poland.

Norwegian DH Vampires visit Poland for the first time at Aerofestival in Poznan during the week end of 13-14 June. Read more… Aerofestival in Poznan had its debut this year and the organizers hope to go on with the show also next year. With our Vampires Poznan was a very comfortable 1 hour 40 min ferry flight from our home base Rygge located in the South Eastern part of Norway. Aerofestival attracted a lot of visitors (estimated 75 000) and although the organizers had some difficulties with the flying program due commercial airlines deviated to Poznan it was a great week end and the weather was lovely.

Vampire pair display at Flydagen Sørstokken Stord airport 

Flydagen Stord was held on Sunday june 20th in beautiful weather on this very spectacular part of Norway on the west coast surrounding by fjords and mountains. This event is normally organized ever second or third year and the airport manager Jan Myklebust is the driving force behind it. This year around 5000 visitors come to see the airshow. 

Yeovilton Air Day July 11th 2015
For the very first time historic aircraft from Norway are invited to Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton Air Day in UK.

This is also our UK airshow debut for the MiG-15UTI. (Mignificent Yeovilton) This very prestigious airshow is organized by the Royal Navy each year and we are extremely proud to be invited with our de Havilland Vampire pair and our MiG-15UTI RED 18.

This year two F-16 from the Royal Norwegian Air Force 338 squadron Ørland Air Base will also visit RNAS Yeovilton Air Day so the Norwegian participation will be fantastic. Undoubtedly a highlight for this year Yeovilton Air Day and a huge recognition for us (Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron) is that our Vampire T.55 and FB.52 will fly in the V formation together with the world’s only flying de Havilland Sea Vixen and the world’s only flying Avro Vulcan. This will be a fantastic historic formation never before seen anywhere. This is sadly also the last year the Avro Vulcan will fly. It is also arranged for air to air photos of the V formation. The plan is that the Sea Vixen will lead the formation with one Vampire formatting on either side as no 2 and 3 with the Vulcan bomber as number 4 trailing the Sea Vixen. 

The MiG-15 is well known for its role in the Korean War – a conflict which also involved Royal Navy operated Hawker Sea Furies.  Piloted by Lieutenant Peter ‘Hoagy’ Carmichael, one such Sea Fury FB11 made history when it downed a MiG-15; one of the very few times when a piston-engined aircraft has gained superiority over a jet. 

The Royal Navy Historic Flight based at RNAS Yeovilton operates two Sea Furies including an FB11 fighter-bomber variant which will be taking part in the static display.  Air Day visitors will thus have the very rare opportunity to see both Korean War types at the show.

Wales international Air Show Sunday July 12th. 

Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron (FHS)
de Havilland Vampire pair for the first time to display at Wales Int. Air Show at Swansea.
We are honored to be invited to display in Wales and hope we will great the audience with our Vampire Pair formation display.

Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron (FHS) Revisit the Republic of Ireland again this year. 

Flyvåpnets Historiske Skvadron (FHS) re visit Republic of Ireland again this year for display at Shannon Air Show Saturday 18th of July and Bray Air Show Sunday 19th of July.

After display at both Bray and Newcastle Dundrum Bay in Northern Ireland last year we are proud to be back in beautiful Ireland this year participating at both Shannon Air Show and Bray Air Show. Last year’s Bray Air Show was a fantastic family day for the audience during the summer festival. FHS was also supposed to display at Foynes Air Show Ireland (Where the flying boats used to operate for flights to the US) but due to budget cuts this year it was cancelled. Foynes is organized by Gerry Humphreys called the flying farmer. Gerry a really nice guy an a truly aviation enthusiast used to fly Harrier in the RAF where he spent much time in Northern Norway flying the Harrier from Tromsø and Bardufoss. Gerry now fly’s his RV-7 from his own airstrip at his farm. Thus the flying farmer.

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